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Hot Fashion People Wore in the ’80s (Part IV)


Mickey Mouse clothing

In the 80s, Disney was more than just a famous theme park. Also, it was a trademark style for fashion people wore in the ’80s. After John Lennon proudly wore a Mickey Mouse ringer tee, it wasn’t soon enough that vintage-inspired Disney sweatshirts and shirts were everywhere.

Kangol hats

Any cool ’80s young person understood there was one acceptable piece of headwear: the Kangol hat. Regardless if you went for the bucket hat or a beret, the English brand, with its signature kangaroo logo, took the U.S. by storm in the ’80s. Quickly, Kangol became a symbol of hip-hop style, as seen in LL Cool J’s ‘87 “I Need Love” music video.

High-waisted jeans

The stylish set of the 80s revolted against the low-rise pants of the ’70s with high-waisted ones instead. As seen on Freddie Mercury of Queen, these jeans were comfortable, functional, and looked good united with a “Choose Life” tee.

Moreover, thanks to those huge back pockets, high-waisted jeans can hold a cell phone the size of a brick, which is about how large they were at the time.


In the 80s, tracksuits surpassed workout wear and became an all-day fashion staple for the hippest kids on the block, thanks to LL Cool J and The Beastie Boys. The tracksuits of the ’80s, such as the ones made by Adidas, came in a vast assortment of patterns, colors, and fabrics. If you desired a neon nylon set, Surf Style had you covered. But if you desired a suave velour tracksuit, Fila was perhaps your go-to company for tracksuit fashion people wore in the ’80s.

Coca Cola was more than just a soft drink brand, it was a part of the fashion people wore in the ’80s.

Coca-Cola clothing

If there’s one thing Americans enjoy, it’s Coca-Cola. And in the 80s, folks didn’t just like to drink Coke. They loved to wear it as well. Branded Coca-Cola clothing was a big ’80s fashion trend. The most iconic item was the rugby shirt. 


Hot Fashion People Wore in the 80’s (Part III)


Neon Fashion in the ’80s

If you weren’t wearing neon in the 80s, then what precisely were you wearing? Fashion in the ’80s consisted of being able to see a person coming from a mile away. Nighttime bicycle riding wasn’t an issue.  With off-the-shoulder sweatshirts and neon leg warmers, this decade shined brighter than the rest.

Fashion in the ’80s wouldn’t be complete with animal print.

Animal print Fashion in the ’80s

Could you even consider yourself trendy if you weren’t decked out in animal prints in the ’80s? Cheetah, giraffe, and even zebra-print garments were about as common during the Reagan era as “Just Say No” memorabilia.

Ray-Ban Wayfarers

If you lived in the ’80s or are a movie lover, you can probably still see Tom Cruise swaggering around in his Ray-Ban Wayfarers in Risky Business. From the minute the film was released in 1983, everyone who wanted to reach Cruise’s level of cool had to have a pair.

Bally shoes

The 80s was the beginning of hip-hop culture. Right with it came a style that would characterize a generation. Bally sneakers, which ’80s rappers like Slick Rick and Rakim were fans of, were thought to be the supreme status symbol throughout the decade. The shoes created so much ’80s nostalgia that you can still purchase them now online.

Lace accessories

Lace was everywhere in the 80s. this was due to Madonna’s influence in her music videos, on stage, and in 85’s Desperately Seeking Susan. From headbands to gloves to sheer tops and leggings, everything could be and was made of lace in the 80s.

Swatch watches

Established by Swiss watchmaker Nicolas Hayek in ‘83, Swatch watches were one of the largest ’80s fashion trends. During the 80s, the vibrant colored timepieces adorned the wrists of hip folks everywhere. And since they were very affordable, the watches sold for about $50. It was fashionable to wear more than one Swatch watch on each arm. 


Hot Fashion People Wore in the 80’s (Part II)

Gold chains were a part of hot fashion in the ’80s.


Today, Croakies would possibly be considered unfashionable. But in the 80s, everyone was sporting these sunglasses straps. They were an essential part of hot fashion in the ’80s. You can still shop the Croakies 40th-anniversary collection today online. We have to admit, it’s a good way to make sure you don’t lose your Wayfarers.

Shoulder pads

There was no better way to look professional in the 80s than with a blazer with huge shoulder pads. Larger was better when it came to this ’80s fashion trend, which Andie Walsh (Molly Ringwald) wore in Pretty in Pink. If it seemed as if your husband or boyfriend loaned you his jacket, you understood you got the perfect blazer.

Members Only jackets

Even if you didn’t grow up during the 80s, you’re probably familiar with the Members Only jacket, thanks to the successful Netflix series Stranger Things. They were a staple of hot fashion in the ’80s. They were also well-known for their advertising campaigns. A few were strange PSAs and others of which featured celebrities such as David Hasselhoff.

Chunky jewelry

Just like anything else, accessories only got bigger in the 80s. Gold chains became widely popular during this era, thanks to Mr. T having a breastplate of chains on the hit show The A-Team. Soon enough, several rappers, such as members of The Sugarhill Gang, implemented the style.

Sperry Top-Siders

Though Sperrys first came out in the 30s, they didn’t get their moment until the 80s when the preppy look took over the runways and eventually street style too. When it came to ’80s fashion trends, the Ivy League style was king. So, Sperry Top-Siders were the only appropriate footwear to accompany your khakis and the Shetland sweater situated around your neck.


With the boost of the aerobics craze, leggings were a fashion staple in the 80s. As Jane Fonda perfectly demonstrated, they were usually worn under a high-cut leotard. In neon, of course.