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What Women Wore in the 60s (Part II)

Shift, sheath, and skimmer dresses were a popular fashion that women wore in the ’60s.

It was the whole idea of going back to childhood that drove most of the fashion women wore in the ’60s. Bows, oversized collars, and delicate trim miniaturized females and made them look smaller. Shapeless mini dresses de-emphasized a female’s natural form. The boxy and flat look took away women’s curves and made them little girls once again.

Mary Jane strap shoes, kitten heel pumps, and flat sneakers were all childhood shoes returned to the ’60s youthquake culture. It was no accident that a young culture had plenty to do with half the U.S. population is under 25 and with European countries having a comparably huge youth population as well.

60s Dresses

The tight bodice and full skirt the ‘50s swing dress went into the early ’60s with a little above or at the knee hemline. Patterns and colors were bigger, brighter and streamlined with short cap sleeves and basic modest necklines. This full-skirted look didn’t leave fashion in the 60s. Instead, it carried through to the 70s in a paired down, less fluffy form.

The other style of early dresses women wore in the ’60s  was the contoured sheath dress. Like the 50s style, it was modest, knee-length, and simple but tailored to the curve of the body. By ’63, the sheath was dropping its tight curves and loosening into the shift dress.

The shift dress lacked any type of tailored waistline but did go in a little around the ribs and glided over the hips to just over the knee. This loose but narrow looking dress was very comfy and easy to wear. It became the main women’s dress style of the 60s.

Skimmer dresses were a relative of the shift dress. They fit straight on the body with a high neckline and typically a belt to outline the waist but not shape it.  They hugged the body without touching the skin. Also, they hovered over the knee. 


What Women Wore in the 60s (Part I)

The style pictured is one that women wore in the ’60s.

The style of what women wore in the ’60s was rich with excitement from the beginning of the decade to the end. In the initial years, the fashion idol was Jackie Kennedy with her tailored suit dresses and flawless white pearls. 

By the middle of the decade, supermodel Twiggy had women releasing their minds and bodies into clothing that didn’t need any extra effort or thought. From modest to “there is no such thing as too short,” 60s fashion was in several ways like the 20s flapper revolution. But it didn’t occur overnight.

Women’s 1960s Fashion Summary

  • Jackie Kennedy, Brigitte Bardot, Mary Quant were fashion icons
  • The Youthquake movement created “Babydoll” clothing
  • Short, shapeless shift dresses in bright colors and psychedelic swirls for the Mod look
  • Button-down shirts, turtlenecks, chunky knit sweaters for casual outfits

60s Fashion Icons

Jackie Kennedy’s style was simple, clean, well fitted, with flawlessly matched accessories. She wore dresses without collars and jackets that buttoned only with one big top button and practical low heel shoes. She was the last female to wear hats, a pillbox hat, as a required fashion. Jackie O’ put plenty of care into her look. Females in America and around the globe copied her style with eagerness.

Brigitte Bardot was that woman. She was the opposite of Jackie. Jackie was simple, put together, and modest. Brigitte was cheap, tacky, bold, and even silly. Her ‘59 pink gingham wedding dress with white lace trim was so unanticipated that lace and gingham swiftly became a new trend.

Mary Quant was another 60s fashion influence. Her style shied away from grown-up fashion to playful youth-driven. She wore shift dresses that were quite short. Her prints were colorful and bold mod prints. Her personality, her fashion, set the tone for the rest of the 60s as fashion is fun.


Fashion Trends That are Making a Comeback (Part II)

Chokers were some of the top fashion trends in the ’90s that are making a comeback.

Chokers – 90s

The most iconic necklace of the 90s was the choker. Just about every woman movie star wore chokers which added the ideal dose of edginess to the sassy crop-top wearing entertainers. This is one of the many fashion trends back in stock at all big stores and is bringing the 90s back to life for everyone.

 High Waisted Jeans – 80s

High waisted jeans have been back in style for a few years now. They aren’t appearing to go away any time soon. People continue to like these pants throughout the ages and they continue to change to fit within the present fashion trends. The high-waisted jeans trend was sparked in the 80s, and folks are happy it’s made it’s way back around.

 Silk Scarves – 50s

One fashion trend that is equal parts classic and romantic is the silk scarf around the neck. This trend has come back in the last year and is usually worn in conjunction with a gorgeous, feminine blouse, bringing a touch of the past to today. Nothing is prettier on a windy day than a silk scarf wrapped around a woman’s head and shoulders.

Cargo Pants – 90s

These aren’t the cargo pants or shorts everyone was embarrassed to have worn in the 90s. These are the new and improved cargo pants which are way edgier and form footing. Slim-fit cargo pants are in and you can combine them with sleek sneakers and graphic tees for a casual, clean look.

 Scrunchies – 90s

Tight, elastic hair bands are beginning to be exchanged for a softer, delicate choice from the past known as scrunchies. Scrunchies are back and appear to be a hit among many folks. These hair ties are way better for your hair health than elastic hair bands. They make less friction and breakage on hair and won’t leave bends in hair from being tied up. Moreover, they’re back in style.  


Fashion Trends That are Making a Comeback (Part I)

Corduroy was popular in the ’70s and is one of the fashion trends that’s making a comeback.

There are plenty of fashions we all believed we’d never see again in stores. However, today, they are back to prove us wrong and demonstrate just how relevant and stylish they can be again. Here are some fashion trends that were too great to be put to rest and are making a comeback.

Mom Jeans – 90s

You know the type. The high waist and the loose-fitting leg that tapers just enough at the ankle where you typically roll it up and topped off with some sort of delicate footwear. Mom jeans are one of many fashion trends that are making a comeback. Skinny jeans are not the only pants sold in stores currently. Those who enjoy a little wiggle room are pleased to see mom jeans back on the racks.

 Round Glasses – 20s

Circular frames have been coming back into style slowly but surely for a few years now. This trend started in the 20s and made a comeback in the 70s mostly due to the influence of people such as Janis Joplin and John Lennon. They are here again, and it’s a great blast from the past.

Corduroy – 70s

Corduroy jackets, jeans, purses, and everything was highly popular in the 70s. since then, the fabric has basically been used for children’s clothing. Now, corduroy is coming back with items like the corduroy skirt being exceptionally fashionable.

 Chunky Sneakers – 80s

The 80s was the era of the sneaker. Every human was wearing jeans and white tennis shoes. The chunkier the better. Currently, this trend is coming back in full swing, with designer brands like Yeezy and Gucci making some of the chunkiest shoes to date.

 White Boots – 70s

The iconic white go-go boots of the 70s were futuristic and stylish.  When put with a colorful mini dress they made the ideal outfit for a night at the club. Today, these boots are back on the shelves in different lengths from ankle height to over the knee.

Hot Fashion People Wore in the 80’s (Part III)


Neon Fashion in the ’80s

If you weren’t wearing neon in the 80s, then what precisely were you wearing? Fashion in the ’80s consisted of being able to see a person coming from a mile away. Nighttime bicycle riding wasn’t an issue.  With off-the-shoulder sweatshirts and neon leg warmers, this decade shined brighter than the rest.

Fashion in the ’80s wouldn’t be complete with animal print.

Animal print Fashion in the ’80s

Could you even consider yourself trendy if you weren’t decked out in animal prints in the ’80s? Cheetah, giraffe, and even zebra-print garments were about as common during the Reagan era as “Just Say No” memorabilia.

Ray-Ban Wayfarers

If you lived in the ’80s or are a movie lover, you can probably still see Tom Cruise swaggering around in his Ray-Ban Wayfarers in Risky Business. From the minute the film was released in 1983, everyone who wanted to reach Cruise’s level of cool had to have a pair.

Bally shoes

The 80s was the beginning of hip-hop culture. Right with it came a style that would characterize a generation. Bally sneakers, which ’80s rappers like Slick Rick and Rakim were fans of, were thought to be the supreme status symbol throughout the decade. The shoes created so much ’80s nostalgia that you can still purchase them now online.

Lace accessories

Lace was everywhere in the 80s. this was due to Madonna’s influence in her music videos, on stage, and in 85’s Desperately Seeking Susan. From headbands to gloves to sheer tops and leggings, everything could be and was made of lace in the 80s.

Swatch watches

Established by Swiss watchmaker Nicolas Hayek in ‘83, Swatch watches were one of the largest ’80s fashion trends. During the 80s, the vibrant colored timepieces adorned the wrists of hip folks everywhere. And since they were very affordable, the watches sold for about $50. It was fashionable to wear more than one Swatch watch on each arm. 


Hot Fashion People Wore in the 80’s (Part II)

Gold chains were a part of hot fashion in the ’80s.


Today, Croakies would possibly be considered unfashionable. But in the 80s, everyone was sporting these sunglasses straps. They were an essential part of hot fashion in the ’80s. You can still shop the Croakies 40th-anniversary collection today online. We have to admit, it’s a good way to make sure you don’t lose your Wayfarers.

Shoulder pads

There was no better way to look professional in the 80s than with a blazer with huge shoulder pads. Larger was better when it came to this ’80s fashion trend, which Andie Walsh (Molly Ringwald) wore in Pretty in Pink. If it seemed as if your husband or boyfriend loaned you his jacket, you understood you got the perfect blazer.

Members Only jackets

Even if you didn’t grow up during the 80s, you’re probably familiar with the Members Only jacket, thanks to the successful Netflix series Stranger Things. They were a staple of hot fashion in the ’80s. They were also well-known for their advertising campaigns. A few were strange PSAs and others of which featured celebrities such as David Hasselhoff.

Chunky jewelry

Just like anything else, accessories only got bigger in the 80s. Gold chains became widely popular during this era, thanks to Mr. T having a breastplate of chains on the hit show The A-Team. Soon enough, several rappers, such as members of The Sugarhill Gang, implemented the style.

Sperry Top-Siders

Though Sperrys first came out in the 30s, they didn’t get their moment until the 80s when the preppy look took over the runways and eventually street style too. When it came to ’80s fashion trends, the Ivy League style was king. So, Sperry Top-Siders were the only appropriate footwear to accompany your khakis and the Shetland sweater situated around your neck.


With the boost of the aerobics craze, leggings were a fashion staple in the 80s. As Jane Fonda perfectly demonstrated, they were usually worn under a high-cut leotard. In neon, of course.


Hot Fashion People Wore in the ’80s (Part I)

Acid wash jeans, Jam shorts, and Vans were all part of the ’80s fashion world.

There was no such thing as subtlety in the ’80s fashion world. if you desired to be cool, that is. Vivid statement colors, neon-colored clothing, acid-wash jeans, Swatch watches, and Members-Only jackets were the definition of totally tubular. Therefore, to light up a room, you exactly had to light up a room. 

Even though we really don’t want these 80s fashion trends to come back, it’s always a blast to look back. So, put on your neon-colored shirt, Kangol hat, and Members-Only jacket because it’s time to re-experience the 80’s fashion trends that characterized cool.

Acid-wash jeans

Acid-wash denim ruled closets and clothing stores in the 80s. Italy’s Rifle jeans company unintentionally created it when they put pumice stones with bleach and jeans in a washing machine without water. And the best part was that it was imaginable to do this ’80s fashion trend, which was really popular with punks, on your own. All you needed to do was pour bleach on your jeans or denim jacket, and immediately your threads looked just like the glitzy garments on the racks at Bloomingdales.

Jams shorts

Jams shorts, with their bright, usually Hawaiian-inspired patterns, flawlessly demonstrated the loud style of the ’80s. These shorts were another item of skater culture, with both women and men proudly sporting them even if they weren’t anywhere close to a beach. If you want to purchase someone Jams as a gift, you’re in luck: They’re one of the Gifts That Verify the 80s Were the Best.


Largely thanks to skater Jeff Spicoli (Sean Penn) in Fast Times at Ridgemont High, checkered Vans sneakers were in all places in the 80s. Nothing seemed to fully embody the personality of California cool like Vans did. The great part is Vans still do today. Get some California love with a pair of Vans sneakers.