Girls and High Heels: The Right Time to Wear (Part I)

Girls and high heels are a given but there are some things you can do to protect their feet.

If young girls persist in wearing heels, there are things they can do to safeguard their feet. Here are a few tips for diminishing the damage:

  1. Pick the lowest heel height possible and search for styles with a square, box, or round toe.

This allows more space for toes, aids in crowding, and stops blister formation from shoe friction.

  1. Decide on short block heels instead of really high stilettos.

A block heel allocates the ground reaction forces more evenly all through the whole foot while a short heel lessens the pressure on the forefoot, reducing the hazard of getting hurt.

  1. Reduce the time spent wearing heels to no more two hours. It is not recommended that kids wear heels every day.
  2. Shop for new shoes at the end of the day.

Feet have a penchant to swell during the day. So, buying later will aid in the shoes fitting correctly if there is swelling that happens during wear.

What’s the Right Age to Wear Heels?

For health and growth reasons, Points said girls should not wear heels until 13.

Not surprisingly, girls wearing heels have become a hot-button subject that is severely dividing parents, with some saying wearing high heels is only harmless fun and others putting their foot down on a look they believe is way too mature.

The physical concerns of wearing heels at a young age are a huge concern. A child’s bones are still developing until her early teens. Therefore, wearing heels can create bone deformities. Also, heels are bad for the knees, feet, ankles, and back. 

Problems in these areas of the body can start sooner for those who begin wearing heels at too young of an age. There are other shoe styles that can make youngsters look fashionable but are good for their feet.