Hot Fashion People Wore in the ’80s (Part I)

Acid wash jeans, Jam shorts, and Vans were all part of the ’80s fashion world.

There was no such thing as subtlety in the ’80s fashion world. if you desired to be cool, that is. Vivid statement colors, neon-colored clothing, acid-wash jeans, Swatch watches, and Members-Only jackets were the definition of totally tubular. Therefore, to light up a room, you exactly had to light up a room. 

Even though we really don’t want these 80s fashion trends to come back, it’s always a blast to look back. So, put on your neon-colored shirt, Kangol hat, and Members-Only jacket because it’s time to re-experience the 80’s fashion trends that characterized cool.

Acid-wash jeans

Acid-wash denim ruled closets and clothing stores in the 80s. Italy’s Rifle jeans company unintentionally created it when they put pumice stones with bleach and jeans in a washing machine without water. And the best part was that it was imaginable to do this ’80s fashion trend, which was really popular with punks, on your own. All you needed to do was pour bleach on your jeans or denim jacket, and immediately your threads looked just like the glitzy garments on the racks at Bloomingdales.

Jams shorts

Jams shorts, with their bright, usually Hawaiian-inspired patterns, flawlessly demonstrated the loud style of the ’80s. These shorts were another item of skater culture, with both women and men proudly sporting them even if they weren’t anywhere close to a beach. If you want to purchase someone Jams as a gift, you’re in luck: They’re one of the Gifts That Verify the 80s Were the Best.


Largely thanks to skater Jeff Spicoli (Sean Penn) in Fast Times at Ridgemont High, checkered Vans sneakers were in all places in the 80s. Nothing seemed to fully embody the personality of California cool like Vans did. The great part is Vans still do today. Get some California love with a pair of Vans sneakers.