Hot Fashion People Wore in the ’80s (Part IV)


Mickey Mouse clothing

In the 80s, Disney was more than just a famous theme park. Also, it was a trademark style for fashion people wore in the ’80s. After John Lennon proudly wore a Mickey Mouse ringer tee, it wasn’t soon enough that vintage-inspired Disney sweatshirts and shirts were everywhere.

Kangol hats

Any cool ’80s young person understood there was one acceptable piece of headwear: the Kangol hat. Regardless if you went for the bucket hat or a beret, the English brand, with its signature kangaroo logo, took the U.S. by storm in the ’80s. Quickly, Kangol became a symbol of hip-hop style, as seen in LL Cool J’s ‘87 “I Need Love” music video.

High-waisted jeans

The stylish set of the 80s revolted against the low-rise pants of the ’70s with high-waisted ones instead. As seen on Freddie Mercury of Queen, these jeans were comfortable, functional, and looked good united with a “Choose Life” tee.

Moreover, thanks to those huge back pockets, high-waisted jeans can hold a cell phone the size of a brick, which is about how large they were at the time.


In the 80s, tracksuits surpassed workout wear and became an all-day fashion staple for the hippest kids on the block, thanks to LL Cool J and The Beastie Boys. The tracksuits of the ’80s, such as the ones made by Adidas, came in a vast assortment of patterns, colors, and fabrics. If you desired a neon nylon set, Surf Style had you covered. But if you desired a suave velour tracksuit, Fila was perhaps your go-to company for tracksuit fashion people wore in the ’80s.

Coca Cola was more than just a soft drink brand, it was a part of the fashion people wore in the ’80s.

Coca-Cola clothing

If there’s one thing Americans enjoy, it’s Coca-Cola. And in the 80s, folks didn’t just like to drink Coke. They loved to wear it as well. Branded Coca-Cola clothing was a big ’80s fashion trend. The most iconic item was the rugby shirt.