Reasons Men Wear Fanny Packs (Part II)

Some fanny packs are big enough to hold a water bottle, cell phone, cash, and other items.

All In

We know, the fanny packs are not really big in size. Though, they are large enough to fill with everything. Today, due to the need, the men’s fanny packs are now available with the slots. There is a separate compartment for a water bottle, mobile phone, cash, and other important items. With the help of a zipper fanny pack, everything can be organized excellently. 

Easy to Carry

Shoulder bags can give you shoulder pain. Handbags cannot be carried all the time and it makes you limit to using just one hand. The fanny packs are functional and can be carried with ease in any situation. Just wear it like a belt around your waist and forgo the shoulder pain and use both hands for other things.


As compare to other choices like a wallet, handbag, and shoulder bag, the fanny bags are affordable, made from a really good quality of material and waterproof. So, don’t waste your money on bags with matching wallets since fanny packs are here to use for multiple purposes on various occasions.

Fashion Statement

If you are a person like me who is keen on the latest fashion, then you have to know that the men’s fanny packs are in style. The celebrities are wearing them and showing it to everyone via their Instagram.

Air Travel Made Easy 

Your standard fanny pack is the ideal size to hold a passport, boarding pass, and a pen for filling out customs forms or jotting down the phone number of the attractive person in seat 15C with lots of room left over.


Unless you have on UFO pants, filling your pockets with a wallet, phone, keys, gum, and lucky rabbit’s foot can make it hard to both walk and sit. The fanny pack gets rid of this issue entirely.