Shoes That Make Big Feet Appear Smaller

Look for these things to find shoes for big feet to make them appear smaller.

When talking about shoe size, bigger is not always better. Yes, it’s all relative to one’s weight, height, and proportions. Though, those who have it in their head that their feet are big usually have trouble finding shoes that flatter.

If you want to avoid buying a pair that makes your feet appear bulky and big, there are a couple of key features to look for. First, look at the material. You want to go for a flexible canvas rather than a hard leather.

Pitch Perfect

Zero in on a high arch. The steeper and more curved, the less horizontally long a foot look. Azzedine Alaïa is a leader at this. The high-vamp cutout and touch toe in their booties have shortening superpowers and are some of the best shoes for big feet. 

Tea Time

The classic T-strap style is not only filled with roaring ’20s nostalgia but the appealing look also nicely foreshortens the foot. The LK Bennett style has a good size range and even does the job in bright cherry red. Also, Mary Janes fulfill the task.

Break It Down

Pointed flats are usually hard to pull off if large shoe size is a concern. By gracefully binding the foot with lacing, the Sarah Flint flat visually breaks up one’s measurements. The angular V-shape moves the eye up.

The Lady Is A Vamp

Speaking of vampy, the cut of the throat of a shoe’s upper can significantly fool the eye into viewing the foot as littler. The Gianvito Rossi bootie masters the reveal-and-conceal task with its sloping narrow vamp lines.

Cap It Off

If doubting, listen to Coco Chanel, who was one of the first to wear the cap toe, or spectator. By putting a line across the upper, it makes the foot look dainty and whittled. As well as just plain chic, regardless of the size. What more could you ask for? Schutz gets it with its mule version.