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The Miraculous Return of the Fanny Pack

If you spent any time in the eighties and nineties, then you’ll remember the fanny pack. Some kids may remember their parents wearing fanny packs during tourist activities. Others may have had their own, likely neon colors to match their zip-up windbreaker. You may look back on fanny packs as an embarrassment, but they’re actually quite useful. 

The History of the Fanny Pack

Although fanny packs became trendy in the 1980s, many different versions have appeared throughout history. One of those is the pouch worn over Scottish kilts, called a sporran. It held small items like a pocket would, because the kilts didn’t have any. Sporrans could be different depending on the occasion. 

The 1980s Fanny Pack

The fanny packs made in the eighties were durable and practical, not even considered fashionable. Usually paired with high socks, guide books, and cameras, they became the symbol of tourists. Unlike the sporran, it was not something you’d ever take with you into battle. One didn’t strap on their sword, shield, and fanny pack. 

The 1990s Fanny Pack

It was labeled uncool, and even now, fanny packs are often given as gag gifts. In 1994, Chanel released a much more chic version of the fanny pack. They called it a belt bag, trying to stay away from the unpopular fanny pack. 

How Fanny Packs are Useful

The fanny pack has been a symbol for tourists, skaters, and hipsters alike. Despite the unfortunate label as extremely nerdy and uncool, the fanny pack has its uses. If you do find yourself in need of one, then just own it. People can say what they like; fanny packs are extremely useful. 

For anyone who doesn’t want to lug a purse around, these packs are perfect. They come in different sizes and materials, so you can purchase more stylish options. The colorful nylon options with the plastic buckles are still useful, just not as trendy. They also still work as wonderful gag gifts. 

Fanny packs are also wonderful for family activities, as they leave your hands free. If you’re riding your bike, you don’t have to wear a cumbersome backpack. If walking with your kids to the store, you can hold their hands worry-free. You also don’t have to adjust the slipping strap of your purse. 

Fanny packs can be worn in any position around your waist and over your shoulder. Apparently, you can also wear them around your chest, though why would you want to?

A Rose by Any Other Name

If the word fanny pack is just too much for you, try some other terms. Rick Steves designed a packable hip pack that is perfect for day trips when traveling. Other options are belt bags, moon bags, and belly bags. In England, “fanny” is a different body part altogether, so they call them bum bags. 

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