Timeless Hair Styles for Women (Part II)

These are some timeless hair styles that you will love for ages to come.

Bombshell waves

They might be called bombshell waves, as this is a popular style among Victoria’s Secret models and screen stars. Though, really, the look is just a celebration of loose, voluminous curls that are sexy and sophisticated at the same time. Regardless if you’re off-duty casual or dressed to impress, these waves will turn up the sexy sultry volume on any look. They’re also one of the many timeless hair styles that seem to always be popular. 


This go-to up-do has stood the test of time. It’s just as great today as it was when first worn by the glamorous elite of old Hollywood. Everyone loves the look because it’s a little more romantic and freer than that low bun while still having an aura of prestigious formality. 

You’ll be most apt to wear a chignon for a black-tie occasion. Though, its reach extends to brunch dates, cocktail parties, and more. For the real effortlessly modern look that’s not too formal, allow a few curled tendrils of hair to come out from the tousled twist to frame your face.

Retro curls

If you’ve watched films from the ’40s, you’ve probably seen the unequivocal elegance of retro curls. Also called pin curls, or the Marcel wave, the look is old Hollywood glamour and keeps a modern edge, regardless of the era. While the classic look does have a more formal feel, those set, glossy curls can also be relaxed. Big roller-set waves, brushed out a bit, will get more movement and casual flair.


Despite its shorter length, the lob (long bob) is very versatile and it’s one of the most famous ’dos on the block. Everyone loves it since it’s not as short as the bob. This means it doesn’t limit your styling too much. The look can be worn layered, wavy, straight to shape the face. Regardless of which way you wear it, it brings a fresh, modern spin to any occasion and it’s one of the timeless hair styles that you can keep as long as you’d like. 


A closely cropped pixie style may not seem so versatile, but the short ’do have pervaded many eras with its adorable, chic relevance. When masterfully chopped to highlight your unique facial features, the cool cut can suit nearly anyone. Plus, it’s basically no muss, no fuss, making it easy, breezy hairstyle.