Timeless Hair Styles for Women (Part III)

Fringe bangs are one of the timeless hair styles.

Straight with a center part

Center-parted, straight strands are nothing short of an ageless classic. It’s the sleek edge that gives such sharp modernity to any affair. And it’s really convenient for those of us who just cannot be bothered with any sort of complex hair styles. A glossy finishing spray and a flat iron are all you need to achieve the look. 

Blunt bangs

The thing about cutting bangs is you want to be sure they’re for any occasion. They’re not really the easiest look to change in a flash But, have no fear, a fringe over the forehead is a great way to boost the cool appeal of your ’do while keeping a sense of classic allure. From a thick rim of blunt bangs to side-swept endeavors, the face-framing look is staying around. Just remember, those teased, fluffy bangs of the past have no place here.

Tousled waves

It’s beachy, boho, or bedhead, according to who you ask. But regardless of how you classify the style, tousled waves have a distinct place among hair styles in that they aren’t really a style. They’re a glorified version of a messy mane. Though, that’s why the look is so timeless. It necessitates little to no fuss. After all, it gets inspiration from slumber-influenced strands or a girl who constantly hangs around the beach.

Even without the beach or deep sleep, it’s pretty easy to get this look. Mist texturizing or sea salt spray all over damp hair, allowing your hair air dry. Also, a diffuser will do the trick.


This is a style that’s made all the blow-out bars so famous. While it really is just a body-boosted, sleek style that can be wavy or straight, it’s really hard to get such sheer genius on your own. But in the hands of a hair professional, a volume-boosted blowout can make you feel like a new woman who’s tossing her hair at every turn. Its classic versatility has made practically everyone who’s experienced the perfect, salon-primped blow-out wish to wear it every day.