What Women Wore in the 60s (Part I)

The style pictured is one that women wore in the ’60s.

The style of what women wore in the ’60s was rich with excitement from the beginning of the decade to the end. In the initial years, the fashion idol was Jackie Kennedy with her tailored suit dresses and flawless white pearls. 

By the middle of the decade, supermodel Twiggy had women releasing their minds and bodies into clothing that didn’t need any extra effort or thought. From modest to “there is no such thing as too short,” 60s fashion was in several ways like the 20s flapper revolution. But it didn’t occur overnight.

Women’s 1960s Fashion Summary

  • Jackie Kennedy, Brigitte Bardot, Mary Quant were fashion icons
  • The Youthquake movement created “Babydoll” clothing
  • Short, shapeless shift dresses in bright colors and psychedelic swirls for the Mod look
  • Button-down shirts, turtlenecks, chunky knit sweaters for casual outfits

60s Fashion Icons

Jackie Kennedy’s style was simple, clean, well fitted, with flawlessly matched accessories. She wore dresses without collars and jackets that buttoned only with one big top button and practical low heel shoes. She was the last female to wear hats, a pillbox hat, as a required fashion. Jackie O’ put plenty of care into her look. Females in America and around the globe copied her style with eagerness.

Brigitte Bardot was that woman. She was the opposite of Jackie. Jackie was simple, put together, and modest. Brigitte was cheap, tacky, bold, and even silly. Her ‘59 pink gingham wedding dress with white lace trim was so unanticipated that lace and gingham swiftly became a new trend.

Mary Quant was another 60s fashion influence. Her style shied away from grown-up fashion to playful youth-driven. She wore shift dresses that were quite short. Her prints were colorful and bold mod prints. Her personality, her fashion, set the tone for the rest of the 60s as fashion is fun.